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Our Philosophy

We understand a pet is a lifetime commitment. We enjoy breeding, and raising well balanced,  social kittens, and are happy to share the experience with our kitten's potential family. 


The Journey

Welcome to Colorwork Burmese’s kitten policy page.


While not a set of rules, these are some basic guidelines we have. Please review and if you find yourself like-minded and interested in more information, please contact us. We are always happy to discuss Burmese, or provide breeder or rescue referrals when needed. While we don’t care if you buy from us, we do care who you buy from. Shop wisely and support breeders who support their breed and are making decisions for breed preservation.


Our litters begin with carefully researched pedigrees and an outcrossing strategy. We collaborate with established, reputable catteries, and use the best "Kings" who will add to our bloodline’s strengths and genetic diversity. We use outside stud cats rather than breeding and re-breeding the cats in our home to ensure we are selecting the best match for each of our girls. We leverage healthy, incredibly well tempered cats, who meet the breed standard.


Our breeding stock is only chosen when fully mature after an objective assessment for quality in health, temperament, and type has been made.


We do not have a kitten application for any and all potential buyers to ubiquitously fill out, but prefer to deal with each person on an individual basis. We comprehensively screen prospective buyers and only place kittens in homes we have become familiar with. We do not sell unborn or neonate kittens, but rather only accept deposits when our kittens are at least 5 weeks old. This ensures they thrive, are healthy, and well started prior to offering them to others. That said, it is important to contact us early as our waiting list fills quickly and it does take time to meet demand.


Our kittens are placed with the mindset that they are companions first and we look for potential homes which have done their research and understand the importance of purchasing from an educated breeder who supports their kittens. We sell by a careful sort of “e-harmony” matching system, formally assessing the talents, temperament, traits of each kitten, and matching them specifically to a particular family with whom we have worked with enough to understand the particular needs of their home. We try to form a “love match” and create a good pair of buyer to baby. For all, we attempt to honor all aspects of a buyer’s “wish list” but, feel that the kitten’s temperament and other innate individual traits should take precedence when placing them.


We place all of our kittens CFA registered. Non-breeding or pet kittens are always sold on limited registration with spay / neuter agreements. New owners are typically allowed to take their kitten home sometime between 12 and 14 weeks depending on how the litter is maturing and their independence from their mother. We reserve the right to refuse sales at our own discretion.


Kittens are raised in our home full time, under a constant socialization program where development, and training begins a birth. Our kittens are exposed to all types of sounds, toys, weird items, car rides, collar and leashes, different people, dogs, everyday household life, and training for home etiquette while they are with us.

Our kittens are sold under contract, outlining our terms of sale, willingness to always accept the return of your kitten in the event you can no longer keep them, and any agreements made between us prior to your purchase. 

We allow visitors to visit our home and kittens as they grow, will happily engage in video calls for those out of town, and are always happy to answer any and all questions to ensure you are comfortable with our policies, practices and kitten raising methodologies.

We require:

  • Your commitment to your kitten's well being for its lifetime, which for Burmese is often 18 - 22 years

  • An indoor, family rich environment

  • An agreement to not declaw

  • Escorted transportation, in cabin, for flights, i.e. no "as cargo" shipping

  • Kittens to receive their first 2 sets of vaccines prior to leaving for their new home

  • Your commitment to take your kitten to a vet within 7 days to activate our guarantee and insure the health of your new arrival

  • We prefer to discuss pricing personally, but please be assured we are not the most expensive and we are collaborating and competitively priced with other breeders. 

  • The permanented identification of your kitten via microchip with our contact information registered as the primary contact and your contact information as the secondary contact. This chip will be placed at our expense, by our veterinarian prior to pickup of your kitten.  This is strictly precautionary to ensure you kitten is always identifiable with current contact information in the event they are lost and/or turned into a shelter or veterinarian. 

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